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  • 1 Honduras Folklore

    Folklore wikipedia site of Honduras is very varied and interesting cultural elements that result in four major racial groups (indigenous, espa

  • 2 Coca Cola Honduras

    Page Coca Cola Honduras online on this site you will find information about the company, History of Coca Cola, City merger, Coca Cola Zero, Happiness Factory, downloads, promotions, and more welfare movement. Contact

  • 3 Information and History of Honduras

    History of our country. Columbian Honduras, Colonization, Independence, heroes and coins, the modern period.

  • 4 ODECO

    Promote the development of the Black Community (Garufina Garufina not) of Honduras. Carry out actions geared to the rescue, preservation and strengthening of national cultural values.

  • 5 Honduras

    Web site of Honduras gives you information and history of Honduras, Honduras Cities, Places / Archaeology, Beaches Rivers, Wildlife, downloads, postcards and more. Contact Us.

  • 6 Copan Mayan cities in Honduras

    Web site of Copan Mayan cities in Honduras. Enter and discover the history and pictures of the Ruta Maya in Honduras. History and Approaches for the Maya.

  • 7

    Honduras, Roatan, and Bay Islands travel information on hotels, maps, real estate, diving, pictures, weather, news, tours, airfares, chat and newsletters.

  • 8 Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Hungary in Honduras

    Online page Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Hungary in Honduras offers the following information: History of Hungary, National Holidays, The Country and its people, national symbols, Learn more about Hungary, Budapest

  • 9 Honduras History

    A collection of short stories that offer a quick and interesting overview of the history of Honduras.

  • 10 IHAH

    The Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) is an autonomous government institution with legal personality and own patrimony, created to protect the Nation's Cultural Heritage.

  • 11 Rise of Honduran Territory

    Rise of Honduras. Structure and Geomorphology of the territory of their origin and evolution. Pangea is also believed that before was not a continent, if not groups of islands across the ocean.

  • 12 Honduras fairs and carnivals

    From May to June, you can attend various festivals, fairs and events, including the Ceiba carnival that lasts a week in late May and remains the carnival of Honduras.

  • 13 Evangelical Holiness Church in Honduras

    Official website of the Evangelical Holiness Church in Honduras offers the following information: History Alive, Focus of the month, The yesh, Ministries, Pastors, Churches, Links, Beracah, MEM, Villa Gracia, M-Josah, The Sower, Manuelito

  • 14 Danli City

    Official Website Danli City will present the following information: History of Danli, Photo Gallery, Sports and health, Downloads, Fantomas, Hall News, Site Map, Music on the page, Forums, News Danli, Phrases

  • 15 Comayagua

    Official website of the City of Comayagua offers the following information: History of the City, our Mayor, Municipal Corporation, churches and squares, historic sites, cultural attractions, House of Culture, Hotels and restaurants Step

  • 16 Liberal Party of Honduras

    Presentation, history, articles, events and news of this political party.

  • 17 National Congress of Honduras

    Legislature. History, organization, regulations activities, services and links.

  • 18 Liberal Party of Honduras

    Is the main political party in Honduras, throughout its republican history, shared a two-party system during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with the Conservative Party.

  • 19 Archaeology of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras

    The information on the prehistory of this remote and fascinating region WAS generated over a dozen years of research by archaeologist Dr. Christopher Begley.

  • 20 Sugar Producers' Association of Honduras

    Website of the Association of Sugar Producers of Honduras presents you with the following information: Newsroom, The azucaryla health campaigns, previous Magazines, Documents, FUNAZUCAR, History, Mills, Statistics, Campaigns, Docum